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Their Pad Thai was great. Best one in the town.

Box-O-Noodles 3 years ago

Had their Thai Jasmine rice last Sunday and i cant stop thinking about it this whole week. 3 years ago

Finally a place for good salads. Shame they don't deliver for dinner.

Saladgram 3 years ago

Liked the service. And the Tagine was good. Only problem i have is that Yamu said one dish is enough for two and a person who can only eat half a Tagine shouldn't be allowed to review food.

Chambers 3 years ago

Expected much better food from a five star rated eatery. Milk toffee was good though.

Sugarcube 3 years ago

This is the first time I'm trying out a Japanese restaurant. Always had my reservations towards Japanese food because my family who've been to Japan say Japanese put health and nutrition over the taste of the food. That kinda attitude doesn't sit well with me.
We tried Kara Ramen, Normal Ramen (Forgot three Japanese name), and fried rice. It was filling, had enough salt and spice (Guess they've Sri Lankanized Ramen for the Locals). It was good but I'd probably try a new place next time. Nothing wrong with the restaurant it's just that the flavour didn't do it enough for me.

Ramen Misoya Colombo 3 years ago