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Tatlers Tea

Tatler's costs very very little and the lady is very nice

Tatlers Tea 3 years ago


Colombo Bistro

This place has many options, few of which are available. I ordered a hot dog which was fine, though it took nearly half an hour. Bhagya paid for a lamprais which didn't exist and is still waiting for a replacement fried rice.

This place is basically an empty food court, waiting for inspirations

Colombo Bistro 4 years ago


Lantheruma (The Lantern)

I love this place, I do, but lately I just can't deal with the sheer amount of flies. The thieving crows, the friendly if insistent cat, those I could live with. But the flies are just too much. I hope it changes

Lantheruma (The Lantern) 4 years ago


VOC Cafe (Dutch Burgher Union)

Update: I had a non-awful service experience here today. Just stopped in for a ghee rice and managed to get out within half an hour, and the rice was good. Lady cut in front of me but that's not the management's fault.

I generally like the lamprais here. Number is wrong though, should be (011) 258 4511

VOC Cafe (Dutch Burgher Union) 4 years ago


Tsukiji Uoichi

I just ordered their Sushi Bento via YAMU delivery (on app). The short of it is, the sushi is quite excellent. It's not as affordable or generous as the Naniyori Bento (my usual goto for indulgent sushi delivery), but Tsukiji's version is higher quality.

That is, the sushi rice is excellent. This is actually a highly important part of sushi preparation that chefs spend years training to get right. On Sri Lankan sushi it's often an afterthought, but it makes a difference, and Tsukiji gets it right, at least in this experience.

There's is also something about the sushi, both nigiri and the rolly one, that has that little extra that makes the brain tingle. Average sushi is still tasty because soy sauce, but the pieces I had were fresh and balanced where it gave you that little extra joy that comes with good sushi.

The miso that comes with is excellent, but the other sides were whatev. The salad was OK, the red bean thing was confusing and hard to eat with chopsticks, the wasabi was weak and they gave pickled veg instead of ginger (that could be good or bad depending on your taste, I prefer ginger).

The Naniyori Bento is more of a complete package, but if you're looking for excellent sushi delivered, I'd recommend Tsukiji. It costs, however. Rs. 2000, so that would likely be a rare indulgence.

Tsukiji Uoichi 4 years ago


One Up All Day Breakfast

I really like this place and look forward to it, but it has dipped a wee bit since the OG chef went back to New Zealand or wherever he was from. The recipes are still the same but there's a little something missing. I felt like there used to be more edible flowers on my plate.

One Up All Day Breakfast 4 years ago


The Mango Tree

Deeply mediocre, yet somehow popular

The Mango Tree 4 years ago


August by Mama Aida's

Amazing food, especially great vegetarian options. Intelligent, quick service and, above all, tasty tasty food. Byob

August by Mama Aida's 4 years ago


Palmyrah (Hotel Renuka)

This place is expensive but the jam for quality Sri Lankan.

Palmyrah (Hotel Renuka) 4 years ago


Black Cat Café

This place is the bomb. Great coffee and breakfast. Also cool furniture

Black Cat Café 4 years ago