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Burger Blast

As the name suggests, a good place for generous burgers. Generous means that the burgers are big and have good cuts of meat, including lamb. The vegetarian burger here is also quite respectable. It's a big, fat mushroom and quite satisfying even for carnivores.


The Blue Swan

The Blue Swan is a great place for original Hansa coffee and chocolate, and brownies. It's an affordable, cosy coffee lounge.


Colombo Music Festival (Day 2)


Open Air Concerts At Waters Edge

The lawn of Waters Edge will feature a plethora of music, with entrance by the Rs. 1,000 day pass.


Jazz At The Dutch

Colombo's Dutch Hospital (near the World Trade Center) is the coolest place to hang out right now. It gets a bit cooler with music from the trio of Suran, Hirantha and Gananath and Koei Tanaka (Harmonica) and Shigeru Sawamura (Keyboard).


Feel The Beat

This should be a high energy show, featuring scores of drummers and two very cool violinists. At Waters Edge, from 8:30 PM.


Legends At Nelum Pokuna

The brand new and slightly under-utilized Nelum Pokuna theatre is hosting 'Living Legends In Popular Music'. No Nanda Malini, so we wouldn't say legendary per se, but there is an array of popular Sri Lankan artists, in a new and posh space.


Oriental Heritage At The National Museum (Concert)


Classical Works At Waters Edge

The Colombo Music Festival is hosting an evening of classical music at the Waters Edge Grand Ballroom, Friday the 24th (today) from 6-7:30 PM.