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What's the point of a review without any mention of the price? I understand this is a bespoke service but you could have given the price of your suit or mentioned the range. Review basics.

Anjum Hassen Bespoke Suits 4 years ago

Staff member disagrees with food review on the author's (and fellow staff member's) post. So this isn't a food review site where the team come to a consensus or discuss beforehand their opinion so that the author can revisit the site and get a second view, but just someone writing this stuff on the basis of one visit and then publishing it as if some sort of authority. I'm all for free speech but I'm also for trusting someone to do their job and not undermining them in public on their post when they claim to be a professional guide. It's not a political opinion.

I've said it before - never, ever believe an establishment on the basis of food review sites, especially ones like this. Go and try for yourself and then decide if you like it or not. These sites pretend they are some bastion of food culture when it is just a subjective experience of the author. The fact that the staff member's review sits at the top of the reviews just goes to show the air of authority they are claiming.

I've been to so many places that YAMU labelled shit to have a good experience and vice versa. They are even known to change their reviews of the same place in less than a month. (Aura Cafe, which was a 360-degree turnaround).

Now, this review is disappointing because it is being positioned as a review when it the author just 'dropped in' to an establishment 'with some friends'. Normally you would go specifically to review a place and be professional about it. Then there is the We weren't going to grab a meal, but then we grabbed a meal (which actually were just a couple of bites) and then the concluded that the food was not good. Why have you bothered?.'It also had a very distinct fishy smell/ taste, which I'm particularly biased against'. It was seafood - what did you expect?'The murkiness is apparently because of the salt water, or so my friends said' - why didn't you ask a member of staff? That's what a reviewer is supposed to do, not just go by what a friend said. Get the low down.

To the author - I don't blame you for writing this. I blame the editor for not checking this properly and letting it be published without doing his or her job and pointing out what is wrong with the way it is written, irrespective of the content which is your subjective opinion and you are entitled to. I hope you write more but also reflect a bit further on it before publishing it.

Closenberg Hotel 4 years ago

So sadly is has come down to YAMU publishing anything now as ‘content’. YAMU used to be a fairly credible and interesting site which reviewed restaurants. It added some complementary content including drinking spots, places to visit, where to stay and events. They had some good writers. Now they have morphed into something of a ‘know it all’ site that is trying to be everything to everyone, led by a poor editorial policy (if they have one). It still says it is a ‘guide’ to Sri Lanka and Colombo but publishes articles and videos like How to polish jewellery, Migrating to Australia, How dirty the airport toilet is and now this ‘trigger’ article about what some monk said. (Read below about how other media and social media have raised this)

Some of these are ‘stories’ are advertorials that have nothing with their content proposition which is then a sell-out situation (specifically the migrating to Australia one). They are not a news publication but they are trying to be one to increase traffic. Sure their traffic is growing but the quality of the traffic is crap. 60% of their traffic is gone in 60 seconds (according to their public stats)!!

Why would anyone want to advertise on this aside for some very basic awareness?

They are falling into the Daily Mirror trap of producing drivel content to drive an increase in traffic (I would not call it clickbait yet but it is very close to that). And their most popular traffic days are driven from external events like Presidential elections or Iraj videos or inflammatory statements made by others. Not their own content. And their content is what they are supposed to be good at, as it is self-evident how poor the design is. (Just check out the huge amount of white space on the right side of the website)

Their reviews have also degraded in quality. They don’t expire content (The weekend roundup at the bottom of the homepage is two weeks old). They don’t respond when errors are pointed out (See the responses in Nightclubs in Sri Lanka). They were getting so many negative comments they not only removed the comments from the homepage, the page doesn’t even work anymore. does a much better job at in depth journalism which is much more insightful and educational, and there are enough and more Facebook pages that offer better humour. This everything to everyone approach has, for one, put me off. I tried staying off for 2 weeks and realised I didn’t miss anything.

Just in response to the ‘YAMU reacts’ video to the monk, there have been a lot of people pointing out that his response was unbecoming of him in the media and social media. There is nothing new that YAMU adds through this content apart from trying to show how apparently ‘funny’ they are, which again is not funny. And not informative. And does not provide any solutions or explanations. While some of the comments are not warranted this is what happens when you do trigger content and not seriously address a serious issue.

I don’t need their ‘social commentary’ as its generally already done elsewhere. I can now found about new places in town increasingly through my network on social media and advertising by these places so I no longer need to check out YAMU. Their judgemental and patronising tone is also off putting and, personally, it doesn’t matter what anyone says – go and try any establishment for yourself before determining if it good or not because we all have different tastes / palettes and budgets. Just because YAMU says its good or bad don’t believe it.

So I’m going to have YAMU from YAMU because it no longer serves any purpose and unless they come up with a better content proposition or go back to being a really good ‘guide’, which I hope they do, its adieu.

(If anyone agrees with this comment and want to share it, you are welcome to copy and paste it, since there is not share option)

YAMU Reacts To Amipitiye Sumana 5 years ago

Thank you for your reply and clarifying. This is under the blog section which is why I was querying it. With regards to the article you have linked to, I personally don't believe the tags are clear on the sponsorship. It appears there is one sentence mentioning the sponsorship halfway through the article where the font size has been reduced. Why is it ncessary to minimise the font size?

On the sponsored videos, the sponsorship is only apparent at the very end, whereas the product is promoted from the start. I personally believe it should be marked / identified at the outset which is good practice for sponsored content and also highlighted at the outset of the written recipe in the event people don't watch the video. And also mentioned in the text of social media posts promoting any sponsored content. A number of established content publishers follow this protocol which is general best practice.

Lindt Dark Chocolate 5 years ago

Thank you for this informative article. However, I would like to know if this was a paid for feature as I note in your FAQ's that some written features (and videos) are paid for and I have not seem a clear indication which are and which are not.

On a related note, is there a policy with regards to how YAMU indicates which features (video and written) and which are not? It would be good to know this for the sake of transparency. Publications like clearly mark which features are sponsored even on social media posts and this is good journalistic practice.

You may have a policy with regard to marking sponsored content it's just that I have not noticed it, so apologies in advance if it is marked on the relevant written and video features.

Lindt Dark Chocolate 5 years ago