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I've specified the SWIFT code as is (BSAMLKLX in my case) and haven't faced any issues with transfers originating outside Sri Lanka. I guess it'd be best to contact your bank for clarifications. Is the branch code a mandatory field in your case?

How does banks' SWIFT code work, specially for branches? 6 months ago

Don't think I've ever seen eggnog available in Colombo. Why not make it at home? Made a few batches at home recently and they turned out great. Fairly easy to do.

What is a good place for eggnog in Colombo? 1 year ago

Kaya isn't avocado 🤦🏻‍♀️It's a spread made with coconut & eggs. Very popular in southeast Asia. The one here seems to be the pandan variety.

Caker ST 1 year ago

Never seen it here. Heineken is the closest thing you can get I think.

Budweiser? 1 year ago

Although decent, the ribs were NOT falling off the bone. Does seem like good value for what you're paying, however.

Masma EAT BBQ 1 year ago

You might find luck on AliExpress. There's a good selection of watchss and even mechanical ones at that price.

WATCH for men 1 year ago

It's a pet supply store on Nawala Road. They have Timothy hay. I get them regularly for my rabbit.

Rabbit Food 1 year ago