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You guys should try the rice and curry at 'Lunu Ambula' on Thimbirigasyaya Road, almost opposite Sushi Kai -- it's very very good and the food is packed in a kehel kole. They usually open for lunch around 12 on weekdays. It's more a take away place than a dine in place.

Sri Lankan 5 years ago

I have absolutely no idea what the fuss is all about, from my very personal experience I can say that everyone at Butter Boutique is absolutely nice and serves their customers with a smile (and no, I don't know them personally, and they are still very nice). Of course they didn't offer me a kidney, but they still served me with a smile, and after all how much nice should they be when they are selling cake.
We are going for their cakes, not to date them! So, stop being such fuss pots for no reason and keep calm and EAT CAKE and oh their Popsicles, absolutely love them!

Butter Boutique 5 years ago

Branas at the Colpetty Supermarket has the extra large Anchor Cream Cheese packs. Its not as expensive as the Philadelphia cheese. You can aall them up and check for the prices on 112421675

Where can I buy cream cheese? 8 years ago

Agree. They need more seating space. They should consider expanding the seating area with more plastic chairs (not those tiny stools) on the road/pavement. Would be quite nice in the evenings, sans the traffic.

English Cake Company 8 years ago

If you guys are so against 'expensive' places, why promote places like Nihonbashi or Ministry of Crabs? Is it because they come with celebrity tags?
If a hot chocolate is 'criminal' at 520, why eat crabs for 5000? isn't that criminal too? After all you do get cheaper crabs for 500 at Station Road ne?
It's fine to have your own favourite restaurant, but why reflect them in your reviews? Tell us the prices, let us decide if its criminal or not to pay 520 for the coffee/chocolate drink or if its more criminal to pay 5000 for crabs at Ministry of Crabs.

Cioconat Lounge 8 years ago

What sort of a review is this? How can you judge a place without even eating the food? and large WHAT?
I have been to Lavinia Breeze a couple of times and the food has always been good. You can't review a restaurant without sampling its food!
This is such an absurd review, if that's what you call this.

The Lavinia Breeze Mount Lavinia 8 years ago