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Love love love! So decadent and delicious ^_^

Treats n Stuff 6 years ago

Went there yesterday for lunch - loved the food and it's a nice chilled out place to grab a bite. We got our money's worth - and the portions can be shared among 3 people easily.

Quick Thai (Colombo 7) 6 years ago

We went here on Sunday and loved it! Ordered a mutton biriyani (now Rs, 640/=) and a rasam (130/= sufficient for 2) and a chicken pakoda (Rs. 350/= i think and sufficient for around 4 people to snack on) The service was excellent - the wait staff were very friendly and the food was great! Will definitely go here more often :)

Amaravathi Restaurant 7 years ago

I think the Arabian Knights wraps are also quite healthy - if you bypass the chips and sauces :D

Places offer healthy foods? 8 years ago