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The Great Lamprais Taste-Off 2

This is YAMU's second taste-off of lamprais. You can see the whole review here: Note that we cover places you can go in ...


A Review Of Sea Fruit Coffee Shop


Random Questions


Merry Christmas From YAMU

This is the YAMU office putting up a Christmas tree. In hyperlapse, because it actually took half an hour.


Jetwing Yathra: Sri Lanka's First Houseboat

This is a video (hyperlapse) review of the Jetwing Yathra houseboat. Check out the full review at The boat went about ...


Harry Potter Bertie Bott's Beans - On Helium

A review of sorts of Harry Potter inspired Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans. On helium.


A Colombo Storm

This is a hyperlapse of a rain storm that hit Colombo on October 16th. It's been raining every evening for a while. We can see the storms rolling in from the YAMU ...


The Yal Devi From Pallai

The iconic Yal Devi train is now running all the way to Jaffna. This is a video from a trip in September, when the train was running up to Pallai (around an hour ...


Slave Island

It won't be too long till Slave Island too gets a slick metropolitan make-over. Already, commercial buildings seem to be encroaching into what were once its ...



<p>Kinita tries to hail a tuk on the new TukTuk app, only to find out it's completely useless.</p>


How To Make: Jaffna Crab Curry

Jaffna is home to some mouth-watering spicy delicacies. Here's one, courtesy of My Sister's Kitchen. Read our review on them at ...


The Great Bean-Off


Five Funny Things I Found Moving Back to Sri Lanka

Indi shares five things he found funny about moving back to Sri Lanka. From the Work In Sri Lanka conference.

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